Interested in getting married at The Eldwick Church?

The Eldwick Church makes for an ideal spiritual and beautiful wedding setting and can seat up to 80 people.

Friendly and informative meetings are undertaken well in advance of the proposed wedding day and marriage preparation sessions are held to assist in all the essential planning.

Just prior to the special day, a full rehearsal is held in church and every encouragement is given to couples to make sure that their Order of Service is appropriate for their needs (family and friends are welcome to contribute in different ways with readings and music etc.)

If not already attending the church, we encourage our wedding couples to come to the church in the weeks and months preceding the wedding so that we can get to know you and pray for you. Hopefully you will want to continue coming.

Weddings at The Eldwick Church are also dependent upon residency within the locality of Eldwick. Nevertheless, even if you live outside this area, there are still possibilities for you to be married at The Eldwick Church.

Please contact 01274 457042 for more details.

Page last updated: Thursday December 28th 2017 11:05 AM