Interested in Baptism (Christening)? We offer you our congratulations if you have recently had a baby, or if you have simply decided it is the right time to have your child baptised. If you are a teenager or adult who has become a Christian and would like to be baptised, then we offer you our support and encouragement. Please take the time to read this 'Introduction to Baptism'. Every Church offers Baptism in a slightly different way; this can be confusing so we hope this introduction helps you to understand our practice. We believe that Baptism marks an important step in Christian commitment and so it is right that those to be baptised (or their parents in the case of a baby or child,) should have an understanding of the meaning of Baptism. It is our responsibility as a Church to encourage seekers of Baptism tocarefully consider and understand the implications of the step they are taking, by providing informal preparation, teaching, support and encouragement concerning the Christian faith.

The Church family has a part to play: to welcome and encourage those who are enquiring about Baptism when you attend, by holding you and your family in prayer and by providing ongoing encouragement and support to those who have been baptised, in order that they may continue to grow in their Christian faith and commitment to the Church.The minister will take time to discuss the meaning of Baptism with you, with particular emphasis on personal faith in Jesus, and the role of the Church in nurturing that faith. The part those to be Baptised/Parents of those to be Baptised have to play, begins with being willing to take time to talk through what happens in Baptism and its significance. You will be encouraged to become part of the regular worshipping Church so that baptism is not a one off event, but a marking of an ongoing journey of faith.

Godparents or Sponsors It is the normal practice to have three godparents, two the same gender as the person to be baptised and one of the opposite gender. Godparents should be people who have themselves been baptised, believe in the Christian faith and who will encourage their godchild in the faith. Becoming a godparent is a serious matter, those who undertake this role should sincerely mean the answers they will give to the questions asked them in the Service. Please ensure that prospective godparents have read a copy of the Baptism Service before they agree to take on this role. (Being a godparent implies no legal responsibilities if anything happens to a child's parents.) Sponsors are often used in place of godparents in the case of adult baptism and have a similar role.

When you decide to have your child baptised (christened), you are saying, very simply, that you believe and accept Jesus as your Lord and your God and that you publicly want to be known as a follower of Jesus.  When you do this, God pours his Holy Spirit upon you and publicly claims you as a child of God.

Baptisms may take place either during the main Sunday service at 10.30am or following it at 12.30pm. To arrange a baptism or explore further please call 01274 457042. There is no fee for this service. 

A service of Thanksgiving and Blessing

Many people feel they would like to give thanks for their child in Church in a very special way, to seek God’s blessings for their child and mark the occasion with a family celebration. For some people, however, baptism can feel like it is too big a commitment which they are not yet ready to make. In this case, parents may like to consider a special service of Thanksgiving and Blessing. This too is a joyful service but without the water or the promises of baptism. A service of Thanksgiving and Blessing may be held either during the main Sunday Service at 10.30am or following it at 12.30pm.

For more details, 01274 457042.  There is no fee for this service.

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